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Tearing Down Walls

Hey everyone,

I heard a song today that speaks to God’s goodness and greatness.  It could be you are reading this today and you are facing what seem like insurmountable odds or a wall that is just to big.  It could be you are experiencing some financial difficulty, job loss, broken relationship, addiction, loneliness, and it seems like everything is crashing down on you.  Listen to these words of encouragement and rest in them today and choose praise:

You are greater than these walls I’m circling

You are stronger than this army that I see

You are bigger than the mountains that I face

And I will choose to only praise You

I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.  (Paul in Romans 8:38-39)

You are incredible.



 This is what children/baby dedications are about at Damascus Road Fellowship
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 Even though Colton has been dedicated in our home church today he was dedicated where my parents go to church! It meant a lot to me today because my parents were able to be there– they are going to be a huge asset in who Colton becomes as he grows! Also, the individuals at this church are family to me && some of them have a huge part in who I am today as a mother! It means the world to me knowing that they will pray for Colton, and be there as he grows! I am so thankful for my family & so grateful to have had this opportunity today. Colton is a very loved little boy & it makes this momma happy to know he has both churches to watch him grow and teach him to love Jesus

Worship with Us

We are led by a talented group of men and women as they lead in song to the throne of grace every single week.  Our music is very progressive (some hymns, but very modernized) and is God honoring.  We sing songs by artist like Hillsong, Chris Tomlin, John Mark McMillan, Matt Maher, Kari Jobe, Francesa Battistelli, etc…  We strive to make sure that our music is full of praise and adoration to the King of Kings.

Our weekly messages are God-centered and are Biblically based, with the Bible being the foundation from which we start.  We believe that the Bible provides the source of truth and therefore; we start with this in mind.  The messages are challenging, humorous, convicting, and use a variety of messages to bring us to a time of application.

We offer communion once a month on the fourth Sunday of the month, and we spend quality time in intercessory prayer (for the needs of others) during our worship time.

Our dress code is very casual, from shorts, to jeans, to a shirt and tie that some feel comfortable wearing.  The pastor preaches in jeans and a casual shirt.  If you are looking for a place to worship where you can be yourself and feel welcomed and re-charged, come see us on Sunday mornings at 10:15 am at 1485 FRANK SCOTT PARKWAY, BELLEVILLE, IL 62223

A list of songs that we might sing:

God is Alive,     Holy Spirit,     Redeemed,      Your Love never Fails,

Come as You Are,      The Old Rugged Cross,     Blessed Assurance and many more



Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn

John F. Kennedy says, “Leadership and learning are indispensable of each other.” John Stott quotes, “The authority by which the Christian leader leads is not power but love, not force but example, not coercion but reasoned persuasion. Leaders have power, but power is safe only in the hands of those who humble themselves to serve.”

I am learning to be a leader and in leading, I am learning. I am beginning to understanding that leading is a very humbling experience. Humility means listening to others and learning from others, and an understanding that we are all gifted in different ways. Leadership involves collaboration and communication with those who are in leadership roles, regardless of what those leadership roles might be. As Elders, we have been listening and wish to slowly make a leadership change at Damascus Road, and we want to hear from you if you have any concerns. We understand that a part of leadership is sometimes moving in collaboration as we make critical decisions.

Here is the leadership direction we are in the process of making. Instead of having a Leadership Team, we are going to create an Administrative Team that is made up of the heads of our existing teams. The heads of the teams will be the first line of communication for their teams, and the heads will report and communicate with the Elders. The Elders and the Administrative team will meet every one to two months to see how things are going with our teams, what our teams need, what we can do better, and how the Elders can help. This will help the Elders to make sure that our communication is going well with our teams, and that our teams have a voice at the table. It will also allow for greater accountability from all of us. This is a process, but one that we believe will ultimately help all of us to be better leaders and will help us to involve many more in the work of the church. It will also mean a re-writing of the Constitution of Damascus Road. Please pray for us as we all work together to be what Christ wants us to be and as we make decisions that allow the gospel to have greater impact. If you have questions or concerns, please talk with Brad Vyers, Matthew Peterson, or Vance Vyers and we will listen and have honest conversation with you.

I love my church, and I love you.


Come and Sit with Me

Come and Sit with Me

In Acts Chapter 8, we see the story of Phillip and the Ethiopian. Phillip had been instructed to go down to Gaza and on his way he saw the Ethiopian eunuch come riding by on his chariot, reading the book of Isaiah in the Bible. Phillip went near the chariot and asked the Ethiopian if he understood what he was reading. The Ethiopian responded in this way. “How can I unless someone explains it to me.” He invited Phillip to come on the chariot and sit with him, and Phillip began to explain what the word of God had said.

It is very important for us to sit with one another and to read and study the Word of God together. It helps us to understand it better as we listen, explain, ask questions, and learn from God with each others help. This is why we believe our ROAD GROUPS (small groups) are important at Damascus Road. If you aren’t involved in a group, we encourage you to find a way to get involved.

On October 27, Matthew and Jaclyn Peterson are hosting a TEMPERATURE GROUP in their home at 102 Del Rio Court, and they are asking you to come and to see if a small group they will begin leading in January might be something in which you are willing to being involved.   Vance And Kim Vyers are hosting a TEMPERATURE GROUP in their home on November 7 and are encouraging you to join them as well. There will be food at the TEMP GROUPS, children are welcome, and it will allow you to get to know some others at DRF, and to discuss how a ROAD GROUP might work as we begin to hos them weekly in January. YOU CAN ATTEND BOTH TEMP GROUPS IF YOU WISH. PLEASE SIGN UP ON SUNDAY FOR A TEMPERATURE GROUP AND GIVE IT A CHANCE.

Does Jesus Stir Our Affections?

This morning, September 23, I watched as millions gathered in Washington D.C to welcome the pope to town as he traveled for a visit to the White House. There was a huge celebration, smiles on people’s faces, and everyone seemed to be filled with joy, even if they just got a glimpse of the pope. He stirred the affections of so many with just his presence. This scene stirred some questions in my own heart?

If Jesus came to town, would I go, just to get a glimpse? Would I squeeze through the crowds to see my Jesus?

When Jesus moves in the hearts of people, does it put a smile on my face?

Does Jesus bring me joy? More joy than my children or my grandchildren?

Does Jesus stir my affections daily or does He take second fiddle to other things in my life?

My prayer for all of us is that we would put Jesus at the forefront of our lives. That worship of Jesus would stir our hearts. That our affections for Jesus would be greater than any other thing we hold close. He is with us, He never leaves us, and wherever we go, He is there. Let’s treat Him like an honored guest in our lives and make it all about Him.

To God be the glory!


God is in Control

No matter what you have been told
God is in control
Yes, they came with a report one day
But God has the last say
Rest assured He is near
No need to fear

Hold on to faith real tight
Know that everything is going to be alright
When God is in the midst
Defeat doesn’t exist
You serve a God who can make a bird sing a beautiful melody
A God who can calm the sea
A God who holds your destiny
He is your healing spring
And in his hands He brings

and Joy

All just for you, because his love is everlasting and true

Be encouraged this week. He has you in His hands. Let Him take the wheel.

Weekly Thoughts

There was a song I learned as a young boy that went like this:

I am a PROMISE, I am a POSSIBILITY, I am a PROMISE, with a capital P

I am a great bundle of POTENTIALITY

I am learning to hear God’s voice,

I am trying to make the right choice

I am a PROMISE to be anything God wants me to be

In Christ, you have the potential to change the world. You are somebody, and no matter your past, or your imperfections, or your faults, in Christ you are a promise and your possibilities are endless. Lean on Him, trust Him, and live for Him. Be encouraged.

I love you church



I went to see my doctor a few weeks ago for a follow-up appointment. She told me I was obese according to some scientific standards. After getting over the initial shock, I had to determine what I was going to do about it, if anything. This week, on Tuesday morning, I got up around 6:00am and went for a walk/jog and I am now two days into this new routine. I know I need a change if I want to hear good news from my doctor the next time she sees me, so I can’t let this new routine fade.

It is easy to fall back in to old routines. We at Damascus Road Fellowship have this vision to see our communities TRANSFORMED BY GOD”S GRACE one person at a time. Each of us who are apart of this great church, must refocus our minds and our thinking on this vision so that it drives us, and when we feel like that we are falling back into old routines and overlooking the vision, we need a refocus.

It will be hard, and there will be times we will lose focus, so let’s hold each other accountable and encourage one another to keep reaching for the vision God has called us to.   With Him, we can incredible things and see lives transformed in ways we never knew. May we together walk this journey together so our Great Physician will say, “well done my faithful servants.”

I love you church,

Your pastor


Church Membership: What does it mean for you and me?

An excerpt from a book I’m reading says this: “Every believer in the Bible is what we would consider today to be a church member. There is no such thing as an independent Christian.” A pastor once put it this way. “Imagine, he said, if the U.S. declared that we were going to send one soldier to Iraq. One soldier! Even with the best equipment in the world, how could one little soldier survive? Nobody goes into battle alone. Sanctification—growing in Christ—is always both personal and communal. We need one another. Our faith struggles and our successes are part of the Body of Christ, not possessed by our own little kingdom. “

Here I believe is the challenge for us. First, if you are not a covenant member of Damascus Road or some other Body of Christ, why not? The church needs you. They need your gifts, your talents, your hearts, and your commitment to the vision.

Secondly, if you are a covenant member, are you fulfilling your promise to accountability and fulfilling your promise to be the kind of member you have committed to be? Are you a faithful attender? Are you serving your church? Are you a faithful giver? Are you living out the vision? Do you love others?

May we renew our commitments to the Body of Christ and fight the battles together, not alone. Growth in Christ is both personal and communal. Let’s not be one soldier, let’s be many.

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