Who are we?

Damascus Road Fellowship is a new place of meeting for people who want to learn about who God is and the amazing ways God impacts our life. The Fellowship has been meeting since March of 2009. It is the intent and the purpose of Damascus Road Fellowship that we lead people to have that encounter with God that will transform their lives forever

Pastor Vance Vyers is leading the fellowship, driven by a vision that everybody needs to have a “Damascus Road” encounter with God. The name of the fellowship is taken from the encounter Saul had with God on his way to Damascus. From that encounter forward, changed both in a physical and spiritual manner, Saul become Paul and went on to be used by God to carry the Gospel to the ends of the world.

We meet each Sunday morning at 10:15am at the SWIC POSP building located at 201 N. Church St., Belleville, IL.