This morning, September 23, I watched as millions gathered in Washington D.C to welcome the pope to town as he traveled for a visit to the White House. There was a huge celebration, smiles on people’s faces, and everyone seemed to be filled with joy, even if they just got a glimpse of the pope. He stirred the affections of so many with just his presence. This scene stirred some questions in my own heart?

If Jesus came to town, would I go, just to get a glimpse? Would I squeeze through the crowds to see my Jesus?

When Jesus moves in the hearts of people, does it put a smile on my face?

Does Jesus bring me joy? More joy than my children or my grandchildren?

Does Jesus stir my affections daily or does He take second fiddle to other things in my life?

My prayer for all of us is that we would put Jesus at the forefront of our lives. That worship of Jesus would stir our hearts. That our affections for Jesus would be greater than any other thing we hold close. He is with us, He never leaves us, and wherever we go, He is there. Let’s treat Him like an honored guest in our lives and make it all about Him.

To God be the glory!