Church Membership: What does it mean for you and me?

An excerpt from a book I’m reading says this: “Every believer in the Bible is what we would consider today to be a church member. There is no such thing as an independent Christian.” A pastor once put it this way. “Imagine, he said, if the U.S. declared that we were going to send one soldier to Iraq. One soldier! Even with the best equipment in the world, how could one little soldier survive? Nobody goes into battle alone. Sanctification—growing in Christ—is always both personal and communal. We need one another. Our faith struggles and our successes are part of the Body of Christ, not possessed by our own little kingdom. “

Here I believe is the challenge for us. First, if you are not a covenant member of Damascus Road or some other Body of Christ, why not? The church needs you. They need your gifts, your talents, your hearts, and your commitment to the vision.

Secondly, if you are a covenant member, are you fulfilling your promise to accountability and fulfilling your promise to be the kind of member you have committed to be? Are you a faithful attender? Are you serving your church? Are you a faithful giver? Are you living out the vision? Do you love others?

May we renew our commitments to the Body of Christ and fight the battles together, not alone. Growth in Christ is both personal and communal. Let’s not be one soldier, let’s be many.